41 Healthy Juice Recipes

This post is a collection of 41 juicing recipes.

As you probably know, fresh juice is getting popular to kick start the day, lose weight, and quick way to get nutrients in this busy lifestyle.

But the internet is full of juicing recipes and finding different recipes can be a quite bit of work and hassle.

If that sounds familiar to you, I’ve got you covered.

This is a complete list of Juicing recipes. And the best part? All of them are easy to make.

So, if you want all the best juicing recipes in one place, you’ll love this comprehensive list.

Note: To respect the author’s recipe, I have blurred the instruction of each recipe to encourage you to visit their blog and grab the full recipe with instructions. Hope you don’t mind.

Green Juice Recipe

Freshly made juice from greens is a good source of many nutrients and plant compounds.

Along with that, it is the easiest way to add greens in your diet as drinking green juice is easier than eating raw greens.

So, in the section, you’ll find green juice recipes.

Green Juice Recipe

(Loving It Vegan)

As the Site name clearly says, Lovingitvegan is a vegan recipe blog. From chocolate cake to thai curry everything Alison shares is vegan.

Author Name: Alison Andrews | Instagram: @lovingitvegan | Twitter: @lovingitvegan | YouTube: Loving It Vegan

Cucumber Juice Recipe

(Chichi Uguru)

Dr. Chichi Uguru is the author of “Chichi Uguru” and a trained medical doctor. She shares low carb healthy recipes for better health.

Author Name: Dr. Chichi Uguru | Instagram: @lowcarbhealthclub

Celery Juice Recipe

(Feel Good Foodie)

Feel Good Foodie is run by Yumma Jawad. On her blog, you’ll find a healthy and nutritious recipe. From Breakfast to tasty desserts she covers everything.

Author Name: Yumna Jawad | Instagram: @feelgoodfoodie | Twitter: @feelgoodfoodie1 | YouTube: Feelgoodfoodie

Celery Cucumber Green Juice Recipe

(Clean Eating Kitchen)

Carrie Forrest is the face and creator of Clean Eating Kitchen with an MPH degree in Nutrition. On her blog, she shares east to cook gluten and dairy-free recipes.

Author Name: Carrie Forrest | Instagram: @cleaneatingcarrie | Twitter: @cleaneatscarrie | YouTube: Clean Eating Kitchen

Fruit Juice Recipes

Drinking fruits juice can be good way to add fruits in your daily diet.

A glass of fresh fruit juice can prevent food carving, detoxify your body, boost immunity etc.

So, in this section, you’ll find juicing recipes for different fruits.

Apricot Juice Recipe

(Anna Banana)

Anna Wierzbinska is the author of Anna Banana. On her blog, she shares a variety of sweet recipes from delicious cake to tasty desserts.

Author Name: Anna Wierzbinska | Instagram: @anna_wierzbinska

Carrot Juice Recipe

(Sweer & Sorrel)

Sweer & Sorrel is run by Dani. She shares many healthy recipes from pancakes to Potato Pudding and most of them are Caribbean-inspired recipes.

Author Name: Dani | Instagram: @sweetandsorrel | Twitter: @sweetandsorrel

Beet juice recipe


Wonder Mamas is run by Danielle Alvarado. On her blog, you’ll find vegan recipes, meal plans as well as sustainable living ideas.

Author Name: Danielle Alvarado | Instagram: @veganwondermamas 


Papaya Juice Recipe

(Mexico In My Kitchen)

Mexico In My Kitchen is run by Mely Martinez. She was from Mexican but currently lives in the USA and on her blog you’ll find home-style Mexican food recipes.

Author Name: Mely Martinez | Instagram: @mexicoinmykitchen | Twitter: @mexicokitchen | YouTube: Mexico in My Kitchen

Watermelon Juice Recipe

(Veggie Inspired)

Jenn Sebestyen is the face behind Veggie Inspired. On her blog, you’ll find it easy to make delicious plant-based food recipes.

Author Name: Jenn Sebestyen | Instagram: @veggie_inspired | Twitter: @Veggie_Inspired

Kiwi Juice Recipe

(Recipe 52)

Recipe 52 is run by Mariam Sodawater. She shares South Asian Foods from the main course to desserts, you’ll find many tasty recipes.

Author Name: Mariam Sodawater | Instagram: @recipe52 | YouTube: Recipe 52

Kale Juice Recipe

(Grilled Cheese Social)

MacKenzie Smith is the creator of Grilled Cheese Social, cookbook author, and two times Food Network cooking competition winner. On her blog, she shares many cheesy recipes because she is widely considered as a cheese expert.

Author Name: MacKenzie Smith | Instagram: @grilledcheesesocial | Twitter: @GCsocial 

Pineapple Juice Recipe

(Food Above Gold)

Mackenzie Ryan is the face behind Food Above Gold. On her blog, she shares a variety of recipes. Along with that, she helps amateur cooks to become a better cook by sharing many cooking techniques and skills.

Author Name: Mackenzie Ryan | Instagram: @foodabovegold | Twitter: @foodabovegold

Orange Juice Recipe


mydiasporakitchen run by Dr. Chichi Uguru whose other ” is “Chichi Uguru”(shared above). On this blog, she shares many recipes from different cultures and cuisines.

Author Name: Dr. Chichi Uguru | Instagram: @mydiasporakitchen | Twitter: @mydiasporakitch

Blueberry Juice Recipe

(Food Viva)

Food Viva is an Indian food blog that majorly covers a variety of Indian food recipes. But they also somethings brings global cuisine.

Twitter: @foodviva

Cranberry Juice Recipe

(Whole New Mom)

Whole New Mom is run by Adrienne Urban. On her blog, she covers a variety of topics like recipes, personal care, essential oils which are mostly lean towards healthy and simple living.

Author Name: Adrienne Urban | Instagram: @wholenewmom | Twitter: @WholeNewMom | YouTube: Whole New Mom

Apple Juice Recipe

(The Green Loot)

Kate is the voice behind The Green Loot. On her blog, she shares budget-friendly and easy to make vegan recipes.

Author Name: Kate

Mango Juice Recipe

(Cook Click n Devour)

Cook Click n Devour is run by Harini. She’s from Indan and vegetarian so you’ll find tasty vegetarian food recipes from Indian Cuisine on her blog.

Author Name: Harini | Twitter: @cookclickndevou

Grape Juice Recipe

(OH SO Delicioso)

OH SO Delicioso run by two girls Des and Kadee. They cover a variety of recipes from desserts to drinks to soups and lot more.

Author Name: Des and Kadee | Instagram: @ohsodelicioso | Twitter: @OhS0Delicioso

Guava Juice Recipe

(Tasteeful Recipes)

Juliska is the voice behind Tasteeful Recipes. On her blog, you’ll find the recipes that bring the flavors of the Caribbean.

Author Name: Juliska | Instagram: @tasteefulrecipes | YouTube: Tasteeful Recipes

Pomegranate Juice Recipe

(Ministry Of Curry)

Ministry Of Curry is run Archana, a software engineer turned full-time food blogger and author of a cookbook. On her blog, you’ll find a variety of Indian food recipes.

Author Name: Archana | Instagram: @ministry_of_curry | YouTube: Ministry Of Curry

Strawberry Juice Recipe

(Spice Up The Curry)

Spice Up The Curry is run by Kanan Patel. She’s from India and on her blog, you’ll find as you can guess Indian recipes which are mostly vegetarian.

Author Name: Kanan Patel | Instagram: @spice.up.the.curry | YouTube: Spice up the Curry

Juicing for Health Issues

Having a glass of juice can have rejuvenating and revitalising effect.

And they can be used for many different purpose like cleaning liver, reducing stress etc.

So, now you’ll see juicing recipes that helps in reducing specific health problem.

Liver Cleansing Juice

(Cleanse Joy)

On CleanseJoy is a health blog with the main focus of sharing helpful articles around cleansing and detoxification.

Author Name: Cleanse Joy

Juice Recipe to Reduce Stress

(Ordinary Vegan)

Nancy Montuori is the creator of Ordinary Vegan. It’s a health and wellness blog. On this blog, you’ll find vegan recipes.

Author Name: Nancy Montuori | Instagram: @ordinaryvegan | Twitter: @ordinaryvegan 

Diabetic Juice Recipe

(Active Vegetarian)

Zuzana & Nikki is the founder of Active Vegetarian. It is a food and fitness blog where you’ll find many plant-based recipes and workout post. With their posts, they help and motivate people to live an active lifestyle.

Author Name: Zuzana | Instagram: @activevegetarian YouTube: Active Vegetarian

More Juicing Recipes

Certain juice recipes can be used to specific purpose like….

  • For weight loss
  • For Glowing Skin
  • For Energy

So, in the section, you’ll find few more recipes for different purposes.

Juice Recipes for Weight Loss: 1

(Simple Vegan Blog)

Iosune is the author of Simple Vegan Blog. As you can guess, you’ll find delicious vegan recipes on this blog. Iosune shares many vegan recipes from breakfast to dinner.

Author Name: Iosune | Instagram: @simpleveganblog | Twitter: @simpleveganblog | YouTube: Simple Vegan Blog

Juice Recipes for Weight Loss: 2

(Delightful Mom Food)

Danielle Fahrenkrug is the founder and author of Delightful Mom Food and two cookbooks. On her blog, you’ll find delicious gluten free recipes.

Author: Danielle Fahrenkrug | Instagram: @delightfulmomfood | Twitter: @Delightful_mom | YouTube: Delightful Mom Food

Juice Recipes for Weight Loss: 3

(Simple Nourished Living)

Simple Nourished Living is run by Martha McKinnon. On her blog, she majorly shared low calorie healthy recipes for weight loss and balanced diet.

Author: Martha McKinnon | Instagram: @simplenourishedliving | Twitter: @SimpleNourished | YouTube: Martha McKinnon

Energy Juice Recipe 1

(Nurture My Gut)

Nurture My Gut is run by Certified Health Coach Ester Perez. On her blog, she shares a variety of tasty gluten-free recipes.

Author Name: Ester Perez | Instagram: @nurturemygut | Twitter: @nurturemygut | YouTube: Ester Perez

Energy Juice Recipe 2

(Cooking With Sapana)

Cooking With Sapana is run by Sapana Behl. You’ll find a variety of vegetarian food recipes on this blog. From eggless baking to different cuisines, Sapana shares many delicious recipes.

Author Name: Sapana Behl | Instagram: @cookingwithsapana | Twitter: @behlsapana

Energy Juice Recipe 3

(Traffic Light Cook)

Traffic Light Cook is run by certified holistic health coach Garima Lal. On her blog, she shares plant-based recipes.

Author Name: Garima Lal | Twitter: @traficlightcook

Keto Spinach Carrot Juice

(Fit to Serve Group)

Hilda Solares is the face and voice behind Fit to Serve Group. On this blog, you’ll find ketogenic based recipes, meal plans, etc.

Author Name: Hilda Solares

Juice Cleanse Recipe

(Modern Honey)

Melissa Stadler is the person behind Modern Honey. On her blog, you’ll majorly find delicious baking recipes as well as tips and techniques on baking.

Author Name: Melissa Stadler | Instagram: @modern_honey | Twitter: @modern_honey

Immunity Boost Juice Recipe: 1

(The Harvest Kitchen)

The Harvest Kitchen is run by Deborah. She shares many detox recipes like detox drinks, detox soup etc. along with many healthy food recipes.

Author Name: Deborah | Instagram: @theharvestkitchn | Twitter: @HarvestKitchn 

Immunity Boost Juice Recipe: 2 (For Cold and Flu)

(Two Spoons)

Hannah Sunderani is the founder of Two Spoons. On her blog, she shares vegan recipes.

Author Name: Hannah Sunderani | Instagram: @twospoons.ca | Twitter: @twospoonsdotca | YouTube: Two Spoons

Immunity Boost Juice Recipe: 3

(Simple Healthy Kitchen)

Susan Randall is the creator of Simple Healthy Kitchen. On her blog, you’ll find healthy meal recipes that can be prepared in under 30 minutes.

Author Name: Susan Randall | Instagram: @simplehealthykitchen | Twitter: @SimpleHealthyK

Immunity Boost Juice Recipe: 4

(Hungry Healthy Happy)

Hungry Healthy Happy is run by Dannii. On her blog, you’ll find healthy and tasty recipes. Besides that, Danni also blogs around gardening, traveling, and wellbeing.

Author Name: Danii | Instagram: @hungryhealthyhappy | Twitter: @HHH_Dannii | YouTube: Hungry Healthy Happy

Anti inflammatory Juicing Recipe

(Garden In The Kitchen)

Silvia Ribas is the founder of Garden In The Kitchen. On this blog, you’ll find food recipes and gardening guides.

Author Name: Silvia Ribas | Instagram: @gardeninthekitchen | Twitter: @GardeninKitchen

Juicing Recipes for Skin: 1

(Happy Foods Tube)

Happy Foods Tube is run by a couple Julia and Siim. On this blog, you’ll find a variety of easy to make homemade recipes.

Author Name: Julia | Instagram: @happyfoodstube | Twitter: @happyfoodstube | YouTube: Happy Foods Tube

Detox Juice Recipe: 1

(Detox Inista)

Detox Inista is run by Best-selling cookbook author Megan Gilmore. On her blog, she shares many healthy and delicious recipes and meal plans.

Author Name: Julia | Instagram: @detoxinista | Twitter: @Detoxinista | YouTube: Detoxinista

Detox Juice Recipe: 2

(Clean Eating Kitchen)

Carrie Forrest is the face and creator of Clean Eating Kitchen with an MPH degree in Nutrition. On her blog, she shares east to cook gluten and dairy-free recipes.

Author Name: Carrie Forrest | Instagram: @cleaneatingcarrie | Twitter: @cleaneatscarrie | YouTube: Clean Eating Kitchen

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